Talent Recruitment

Headhunting for hiring Executives


Isaias Feigenson Consulting is an expert in talent recruitment for small, medium and large corporations. We identify the right professional, within your deadline. We are more than just a headhunting company!

First, we detail where the company operates, seeking to understand its needs. Then, we filter through our data base to find the best professionals, who present experiences compatible with the defined requirements.

Our database containing over 6,000 executives names is updated daily with the best talents on the market to find the right professional for your needs. In our executive hiring/ headhunting services, we seek external resources and referrals as well as verify data and references.

All applicants are personally assessed by our team of senior consultants and later by our senior partner, Isaias Feigenson. During the process of hiring executives, professionals are evaluated for behavioral and professional aspects.

The negotiation and hiring process is also conducted with our assistance. We monitor the placed professionals in their new positions for 6 months, supporting them and identifying their strengths and opportunities for personal improvement. This enables accelerating their contribution to the company.